Tilburg University


I am an assistant professor at the Accountancy department at Tilburg University School of Economics and Management. I obtained my Ph.D. from Nyenrode Business University.  My area of expertise is financial accounting and auditing. My research focusses on the economic implications of the changing external information environment of firms. I particularly use novel datasets that capture information acquisition. I am a qualified auditor with extensive auditing and technical GAAP (IFRS, NLGAAP and USGAAP) expertise. 


  • Investor Information Acquisition
  • FinTech in information markets 
  • Political Economy of Accounting (IFRS Enforcement, Sustainability)
  • Audit Research


  • PhD. in Business Administration. Nyenrode.
  • Research Master Courses. Tilburg University, Limperg Institute, EIASM.
  • RBA-opleiding. Vrije Universiteit.
  • International IFRS Diploma. ACCA.
  • MsC. Accounting and Register-Accountant. Nyenrode.